Looking for an ICT distributor? Curious who are the top AV solutions-based distributor in the Philippines for 2023?

Modern businesses are heavily reliant on technology so they need to increasingly outsource the best solutions. Demands for professional audio-video components, digital displays, conferencing systems, workstation peripherals, servers, storage, printing solutions, and so on, can entirely depend on an organization’s budget, location, or timeline of project deployment. Some distribution companies offer business technology solutions as their core service available for organizations in need of more affordable, easier means to access high-quality solutions that bring them better ROI.

As business models focus on fulfilling their core line of services, it makes sense to streamline their processes by turning to solutions-based distribution companies with AV capabilities for their ICT requirements. Accredited solutions-based AV distribution companies can efficiently fulfill B2B and B2C design implementations and supply retailers, enterprises, hospitality verticals, educational sectors, medical fields, and governments with the right products in the right quantity.

That said, plenty of ICT solutions-based distribution companies are booming in the Philippines but who are the top providers? Choosing one should heavily depend on your organization’s needs, wants, budget, geographic location, and the level of expertise you desire. But here is a list of the top 10 AV solutions-based distribution companies in the Philippines as of 2023:



Versatech International is a full-service information and communication technology B2B distribution company with expertise in professional audio-video services, unified communication, and collaboration solutions. They were recently awarded as the APAC Distributor of the Year 2022 across 11 categories and out of 52 finalists in the Asia Pacific. Passionate about helping global technology brands realize business success in the Philippines, for over a decade this distributor has specialized in the supply and delivery of comprehensive services across a wide range of business products that meet the needs of modern enterprises. As a leading ICT distributor built on partnership, service, learning, and trust they provide quick, strategic, and effective routes for product distribution across the country with the help of their certified technology specialists and pro-active administrators.

Why choose them? How do they help businesses?

Versatech International believes that satisfying the technological needs of enterprises does not have to be difficult and they understand that relationships are at the core of each purchase decision, so they invest meaningfully into a network of business partners. As their reseller or brand business partner, they enable customers to align their global vision to the local market, create the means to connect their brand promise with technology buyers, and empower businesses to scale. Their focus on enterprise-unified communication and collaboration technology has inspired the company to bring together premier brands that design the best-in-class solutions for professional audio, video, voice, control, signal, and content management.



AMTI, also known as Accent Micro Technologies Inc., is a technology solutions and systems provider that helps companies transform their business through their wide array of technology products, solutions, and services for a future-ready and agile business environment. AMTI has over 25 years of solid experience across 4 branches in the Philippines with a growing roster of customers comprising large enterprises, government units, hospitals, and private sectors. They offer business transformation through technology with digitization, ICT systems services, enterprise computing, security, network infrastructure, cybersecurity, audio-visual, and intelligence and analytics services. They have earned numerous awards and certifications from global IT companies that give clients the confidence they will deliver solutions at the highest standards.

Why choose them? How do they help businesses?

Since its inception in 1996, they have been at the forefront of building partnerships with some of the world’s leading brands in IT technology. They stand out with a series of managed services, including the workplace (business analytics), data centers, device services, cloud computing, printing, and security, allowing organizations to simply partner with them for a full, ongoing solution. AMTI also delivers valuable experiences that address one’s business challenges and pain points by combining its core elements: Credibility and ecosystem of global technology partners; Innovation and ingenuity of Filipinos; and a Holistic and integrated approach to customers’ pain points and challenges that will deliver their desired business outcomes.



Ardent Networks, Inc. is a value-added premium ICT distributor for enterprise and network technological solutions that was established as the first local information and communications technology distributor in the Philippines. Partnered with global technology brands and local multinational system integrators, their services include configuring, supplying, and delivering the latest technology to the Philippine Market. They develop new and value-added business opportunities for channel partners who can benefit from advanced technologies, enterprise mobility, software computing, and data center products and services. With an excellent team of strong leaders, industry experts, and a highly skilled workforce, Ardent has achieved over 30 awards as “Distributor of the Year” and their operations span the nation with offices in key cities such as Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao.

Why choose them? How do they help businesses?

Ardent Networks is a dominant value-added distributor and is known for its capabilities in deploying comprehensive and fully integrated solutions to Philippine enterprises for network infrastructure, unified communication, data centers, and cybersecurity. Their fully integrated solutions carry out the right combination of resources for vendors and partners for various areas of growth, profitability, and efficiency in their business. They have established solid partnerships with more than 200 resellers in the country and continue to be a technology distributor of choice. Their team’s extensive understanding of the local market makes Ardent a reliable partner for IT solutions covering financial support, logistics, warehousing, and professional services. They also provide industry-leading IT products and services, sales incentives and flexible payment terms, and technical enablement certifications and demand generation activities.



VST ECS is one of the leading ICT distributors in the country that helps organizations and individuals benefit from advances in information and communications technology through the availability of products, solutions, and services. Their regional presence and infrastructure bridge a collective partnership with world-class brands, faster access to technology, and solidify financial capability. They offer services for cloud solutions, data centers, and repair and maintenance with their leadership evident in the awards we have received both locally and internationally. With the acceleration of digital transformation, they will continue to invest in the most important imperatives to make their channel partners be more competitive, profitable, and successful in the new digital economy.

Why choose them? How do they help businesses?

Their foundation is built on the brands they represent, the quality of their workforce, their relationship with their channel community, and the infrastructure they have to hasten the transfer of technology. Since 1998, from the simple ICT requirement of an individual to the most sophisticated and advanced requirement of a large-scale enterprise, they have what it takes to be competitive and digitally empowered. One of the key areas in their distribution is the diversity of our channel partner ecosystem so they will continue to forge alliances with the biggest ICT retailers, corporate channels, ISVs, born in the cloud businesses, system integrators, and service providers.



Wordtext is a pioneer IT distributor in the Philippines established in September 1982 that has since continually grown. To reach its partners throughout the Philippines, WSI has branch offices in Cebu and Davao — bringing value-added products and services to the Visayas and Mindanao regions. Their corporate strengths and values include delivering specialized hardware and software critical to the business requirements, on-time delivery time of on-stock items, technical service, and allowing their staff to undergo regular training to learn these products and their respective markets.

Why choose them? How do they help businesses?

For 40 years, WSI’s consistent and sound fiscal policies have made the company one of the best-managed and financially stable companies in the industry. WSI focuses on the product lines it carries and is known for its excellent technical support group, very aggressive sales and marketing team, and professional and experienced management team. Their mission is to be the best distributor of IT products in the Philippines by developing and working closely with the proper channels through effective marketing and proficient support thus enabling its partners and the company to grow together.



Maxtec Solutions was established in 2006 and distributes ICT products that provide cost-effective solutions and services for home, small to medium businesses, and enterprise markets. They deal directly with the world’s best manufacturers that provide an extensive range of quality products to offer highly scalable, secure, easily managed, and optimized products recognizing the value of IT solutions, and committing to solving end-user tech-related problems. They offer solutions for servers, storage, surveillance, IP telephony, WiFi, and structured cabling.

Why choose them? How do they help businesses?

They provide innovative IT solutions, promote advanced systems integration, implementation, service, and support while maintaining good business relationships with our valued partners and clients to guarantee customer satisfaction. They envision to leading dependable distributor and system integration of quality and unmatched solutions that suits the IT infrastructure needs of the Philippine market.



Iontech is the leading information technology products distributor that markets in the Philippines and provides value-added distribution of high-volume 3C (Computer, Communications, and Consumer Electronics) products. Starting as a small home-based corporate reseller of custom orders and assembled personal computers in 1997, it has evolved into an IT products distribution industry leader. Having more than 20 years of experience, they have won awards for being a national distributor in the Philippines by their vendors.

Why choose them? How do they help businesses?

They have world-class sales and distribution facilities with a customer-friendly service center. They have partnerships with well-known technology brands for their sales and marketing with a diversified product portfolio from manufacturers all over the world. They are noted for their complete marketing support as a value-added distributor.



MEC Networks Corporation is a trusted leader in value-added distribution that was once a small-scale business in the Philippines. Their headquarters are in Quezon City and have carefully selected/partnered with more than 20 trusted globally-recognized brands to bring a wide range of ICT products to help innovate businesses from diverse industries through solutions for cabling, switching and routing, wireless, unified communication, cyber security, surveillance, application, storage, and power.

Why choose them? How do they help businesses?

They envision providing not just the best technology but to enabling everyone to reach their greatest goals. Their sights are set on empowering people through technology instrumental in advancing ICT in the country with customized ICT services for you to continuously move forward operations.



Bridge Distribution, Inc. was formed to cater exclusively to the needs of Information Computer Technology (ICT) resellers in the Philippines with more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry. They are supported by highly qualified technical people and boast of a team of certified engineers. They have also won numerous awards through their formidable partnerships with reputable companies and are accessible to Manila, Quezon City, and Mandaluyong.

Why choose them? How do they help businesses?

They adhere to the philosophy that the only way to achieve complete success is through customer satisfaction. They specifically distribute Acer desktops, tablets, notebooks, Chromebooks, projectors, and servers, Dell commercial products, D-Link networking products, Epson inkjet / POS / SIDM/ Large Format printers, projectors, and consumables, Kensington security locks and iPod accessories, OKI printers and consumables, Sony storage data media, Vertiv power products and rack solutions, and Wacom pens, tablets, and pen displays.



ACW Distribution has been a value-added technology distributor since 1993 and a leading enterprise solution corporation in the Asia-Pacific region with headquarters in Hong Kong. Their product portfolio addresses the key issues affecting most businesses today – integration, security, scalability, availability, compliance, business intelligence, and control. They are a trusted advisor to partners, providing battled-tested technology solutions and services, delivering operational excellence, and business continuity. Empowering global and emerging technology products and solutions that provide value to our SMB and Enterprise customers. Our product portfolio addresses the key issues affecting most businesses today – integration, security, scalability, availability, compliance, business intelligence, and control. We are a trusted advisor to partners, providing battled-tested technology solutions and services, delivering operational excellence, and business continuity.

Why choose them? How do they help businesses?

They have a deep insight into the IT industry coupled with dedicated and qualified professionals and sheer passion for technology advancement. They still seek to deliver exceptional customer experiences by unifying their core capabilities of technology, services, and meaningful connections with partners, SMBs, and enterprise customers.



We believe that distribution is a remarkable process and there are many reputable AV solution-based companies you can reach out to in the Philippines. Whatever your need is from the scope of work to a budget or after-sales support, every distribution company has something to offer and aims to improve our nationwide infrastructure. Choose a trusted company to source and acquire your professional audiovisual products from and the one that will be the most accessible for you.

Whether you’re looking for a retail organization, a solutions integration company, or direct implementation into your organization, chances are that all of these distribution companies can help you with different requirements.