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5 ways to streamline your marketing messaging

The one thing that unites all of the world’s best-selling brands is that they have a clear, streamlined marketing message. Although it may seem impossible to replicate the business successes of Apple, Nike, Amazon or Microsoft, there is much to be learned from their successful marketing strategies. Whilst marketing options are broad, successful marketers understand […]

How to ace corporate communication from the top down

How do you keep your team happy, increase profits, and streamline production? One simple skill can help you run a thriving business. Not having it will bring down morale and create an atmosphere of fear, plummeting both productivity and innovative thinking. If your business has a top-down, hierarchical structure where the vision is passed down […]

Upgrade your company’s software suite to ensure effective business communication

What’s in your company’s software suite? The tools you use play a big role in your success. The right software can help you communicate better internally, improve customer experience, increase employee satisfaction, raise sales, and grow the business. Yet when the time comes to upgrade your company’s software suite, it’s hard to know where to […]

How to use technology to improve overall business communication

One simple skill has contributed to business success more than any other. We’ve known about it for quite a while and yet lack of it keeps stifling promising enterprises. Back in the 1930’s, Dale Carnegie came across an interesting piece of research about the success of engineers. “In such technical lines as engineering, about 15 […]

7 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Business Processes

Analyzing your competition and dissecting the ways they show up in the marketplace gives you a strategic advantage. Specifically, it can help you improve your business processes. In this article, we’ll share 7 specific ways your competitors can help you improve various workflows. 1. Optimize your marketing process Running a thorough competitive analysis can help […]

7 best practices for choosing communication software for business

How do you choose the right communication software for your business? You are certainly not low on options. Thousands of tech solutions are fighting for your attention (and your wallet). While options can be a good thing, too many of them can easily lead to decision overwhelm. Back when Oracle offered the only CRM software out there, things were […]