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Reducing Load on IT Teams with Managed Services

Implementing IT managed services does not always mean replacing IT teams (although it can, especially for small business) because most organizations should retain their own IT. Instead, it means supplementing existing IT with specific service support and infrastructure or hardware, plus external specialists or teams to handle work.

Software vs Hardware Upgrades: Which Impacts IT More

Optimizing IT infrastructure is often-needed but it requires an in-depth understanding of your infrastructure and your options. In most cases, this will mean both hardware and software upgrades or optimization, even when those changes are as simple as changing cable layouts and reassigning servers to boost efficiency. 

Digital Signage in Manufacturing Environments

Digital signage is traditionally used in advertising environments, but as technology gets smarter, Internet of Things becomes the norm, and mobile devices proliferate, it’s increasingly valuable in other industries as well. Manufacturing is one of those industries, where digital signage adds value on the work floor by enhancing communication, productivity, and management. 

5 Aspects of Network Security to Protect Your Data

Confidential and sensitive data is always a risk and those risks are expected to keep growing, especially when it’s customer-data or private employee information. Taking steps to secure your networks and protect data is essential, not only to protecting your organization and its customers, but also to complying with regulation and law for many industries.

Making the Most of Digital Kiosks for Self-Service

Digital kiosks are rising in popularity as both touchscreens and the processors to power them become more available and more user-friendly. Businesses can now fairly cheaply design and implement a touch-screen kiosk in nearly any area of business, offering self-help, self-service, and information for visitors and customers alike.

What is SD LAN: Should You Make the Switch?

For high-security (or even the security conscious) organizations, risks are not only costly but also difficult to avoid. While organizations have traditionally used LAN and solutions like SDN to reduce risks, it’s no longer enough. For organizations outsourcing networking or IT services to a managed services provider (MPS), SD LAN is a viable and often affordable alternative.