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10 tips for a successful digital advertising campaign

Digital screens are one of the most effective ways to advertise to your potential customers – when done right. Creating a successful digital advertising campaign that maximizes the ROI from your digital screens requires skill, attention, and use of the following not-to-be-missed tips.

10 questions to ask before investing in digital signage

Investing in digital signage is a big step for your business. You want your screens to entice customers, inform employees, speed up menu choices, and increase basket size – finding the right digital supplier is one of the biggest factors in your success.

A guide to loyalty marketing

Who would you rather do business with? A company that values you and keeps winning you over with personalized promotions and awesome content? Or a company that saves their best stuff for their new customers and completely ignores you once you’ve made that first purchase? I know which one I’d pick.

Retail trends in the Philippines all business owners should watch out for

As shopping habits and expectations of consumers evolve, the retail industry is changing also. To keep up with customer expectations, new technologies are growing rapidly and being pumped into retail. Whether it is new innovative tech or a change in consumer perception, there are some important new trends in retail that businesses in the Philippines […]

8 ways upgrading your tech can help you sell more in-store

The primary benefit of retail technology is to improve business operations and help maintain a healthy bottom line. The retail journey has always been transactional in nature, with the barter or trade being a key aspect of the process. Today, however, the route to making a sale tends to be more relationship-based. Building a connection […]

5 Ways to Boost Your In-Store Marketing

Marketing products, promotions, and offers can be difficult, but marketing once customers are already in-store is surprisingly well-received. Customers inside stores have already made the decision to purchase and are often simply looking for things they want or need. Utilizing signage, especially digital, across your store is the easiest way to boost your in-store marketing […]