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7 reasons global brands should know about ICT in the Philippines

After a recent slowdown, the global market for outsourcing is rapidly rising again. In particular, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is seeing renewed growth as an increased number of developed countries become attractive offshore landscapes. Making up 15 percent of the global market share, information technology outsourcing to the Philippines is leading the country to an […]

Business Process Improvement: 5 Ways to Optimize for Growth

Business Process Improvement is a standardized process designed to help organizations improve efficiency and create infrastructure supporting growth. Taking the time to analyze, review, and improve every stage of any business process will help you to increase efficiencies, enabling higher productivity, more profit, or a faster development or deployment journey. This remains true across nearly […]

6 Collaboration Software Solutions for Your Agency

Whether you’re managing teams in-house or outsourcing and freelancing, managing collaboration across teams is difficult for any agency. Your organization must plan and organize work around multiple clients and (likely) multiple remote or outsourced contributors. Managers need an efficient way to hold each of those individuals responsible for their roles and responsibilities. Today, collaboration software […]

Best practices for advertising a sale: A checklist for sale season

The holiday shopping season is almost here. You are about to enter the season of sales and special promotions, starting with the Black Friday exclusive offers and ending with the early January sales. But running a sale can be tricky, especially when you are battling against the special offers and incentives your competitors are putting […]

5 ways to streamline your marketing messaging

The one thing that unites all of the world’s best-selling brands is that they have a clear, streamlined marketing message. Although it may seem impossible to replicate the business successes of Apple, Nike, Amazon or Microsoft, there is much to be learned from their successful marketing strategies. Whilst marketing options are broad, successful marketers understand […]

How to ace corporate communication from the top down

How do you keep your team happy, increase profits, and streamline production? One simple skill can help you run a thriving business. Not having it will bring down morale and create an atmosphere of fear, plummeting both productivity and innovative thinking. If your business has a top-down, hierarchical structure where the vision is passed down […]