Modern businesses rely on technology. Whether that technology takes the form of printers, servers, or workstations and virtual servers is entirely depending on the organization, but most are increasingly outsourcing those needs. With business models focusing on core business, it makes sense to turn to solutions-based companies for hardware, IT solutions, and capabilities.

These organizations operate around providing IT solutions as a core business, meaning many can do so cheaper and with higher quality and better end-results than organizations can do themselves. Solutions-based distribution companies typically offer B2B and B2C implementation of hardware, software, and solutions, as well as wholesale supply to retailers.

There are dozens of IT solutions-based companies across the Philippines. Choosing one should heavily depend on your organization’s needs, wants, budget, and geographic location. The following 10 solutions are some of the best options in the country.


Versatech is a modern solutions-based distribution company, offering service and hardware solutions with a focus on quality, people, and delivering value. The company partners with major brands including LG, Canon, Epson, D-Link, and Kingston to offer high-quality hardware across a distribution network of retailers and solutions integrators across the Philippines. Versatech also offers managed print services designed around reducing costs for end-customers, technical design teams to match hardware and software to the end-client, and a nationwide distribution network.


AMTI offers business transformation through technology, with digitization, ICT systems services, enterprise computing, security, network infrastructure, cybersecurity, audio-visual, and intelligence and analytics services. AMTI stands out with a series of managed services, including workplace (business analytics), data centers, device services, cloud computing, printing, and security, allowing organizations to simply partner with AMTI for a full, ongoing solution. AMTI maintains 700+ employees for 3,000+ clients, with four branches across the Philippines.


With over 40 years of experience in providing IT solutions across the Philippines, ICS is a strong contender for any commercial renovation project. Integrated Computer Systems is located in Manilla, with offices in Makati, San Juan, Pasig, and Cebu plus a service area extending across a vast network of retailers and installers across the country. Integrated Computer Systems is also one of the most awarded and accredited IT solutions-based companies in the Philippines, with recognition from top brands like Dell, Kingston, Epson, Cisco, and others. ICS specializes in cloud technology, virtualization, security, data centers, networking, mobility, business applications, end-user computing solutions, and IT consumables such as peripherals.


CosmoTech was first founded in 1995, and today offers one of the more comprehensive solutions-based services in the Philippines. CosmoTech focuses on end-to-end service for building projects and corporate renovations, with product distribution, product management, engineering and system design, project installation, equipment procurement, and complete technology consultation and planning. The company is ideal for commercial organizations wishing to implement tech solutions such as audio-visual, security, data centers, and digital systems integrating a mix of technology.

MEC Networks Corporation

MEC Networks Corporation offers a mix of product distribution and solutions matching, helping companies and customers choose solutions that match their needs. MEC specializes in digitization, offering full support for planning, choosing products, and installation. Plus, with a network of over 800 partners, MEC offers support for most of the Philippines, including their native Quezon City. While MEC doesn’t have the same number of certifications and hardware options as many competitors, the organization does offer a great deal in terms of a modern, cloud-based approach to technology.


VST ECS claims to be one of the leading ICT distributes in the Philippines, and they are. VST ECS specializes in cloud services, data centers, hardware-as-a-service, and repair/maintenance, alongside software and contracts. The company also partners with an impressive array of tech companies ranging from Cisco and Autodesk to Canon, Del, and Hitachi, meaning they are able to offer quality solutions at nearly any level required by their organization. Plus, with offices in Pasig (Manila), Cebu (Mandaue City), Taguig (Taguig City), and Davao, VST ECS offers a wide distribution and service area.

Maxtec Solutions

Maxtec Solutions specializes in offering quality and budget-friendly ICT solutions, including cabling, surveillance, WIFI and network, servers, and IP technologies. While one of the youngest companies on this list, at just 14 years old, Maxtec has made a name for itself across the Philippines with a combination of hardware, quality services, and budget pricing accessible to even domestic customers. Maxtec is located in Manila.


Nanotech is an ICT distribution company specializing in computer parts, networking and surveillance, drives, power supplies, security systems, and peripherals. The company specializes in offering a few select brands such as Western Digital, Seagate, BenQ, Thermaltake, and others, in a limited range, but while offering strong customer and technical support for those products. Nanotech supplies both retailers and a network of 400+ systems integrators.


Wordtext operates out of Makati City, offering hardware and software solutions designed around the client. With a network of over 2000 partners in 18 provinces, Wordtext is able to deliver these custom solutions across the Philippines, alongside quality customer and technical support, strong repair and maintenance policies, and an extensive array of tech solutions. Wordtext specializes in printing, cloud computing, communications, audio-visual, and security and backup solutions, but offers a diverse range of technology for other needs.


Microdata is a digitization specialist and solutions-based company focusing on offering software alongside hardware solutions. The company specializes in offering system design and management for nearly all its services, with solutions, systems integration, remediation, and cloud services. Microdata partners with corporations ranging from Cisco to DisasterLAN to offer state-of-the-art technology and monitoring solutions, including full digitization and virtualization of many business processes such as documentation, learning, and more. For this reason, the company is an ideal fit for retailers and systems integrators offering digitization as a service.

Whether you’re looking for a retail organization, a solutions integration company, or for direct implementation into your own organization, chances are, one of these ICT solutions-based companies can help.