Managed Print Services

Do you know how much your printers cost your business? How do you know they’re being used efficiently for business purposes? Managed print services can answer these questions down to the last peso.

According to Ray Morgan Company, the typical office worker prints 10,000 pages every year, costing the company $725 each. Multiply that by the number of your employees, and you realize your printers are burning through more than just paper. Printing is typically the highest business operating expense after rent and payroll.

Implementing a printing policy and utilizing managed print services is good for the environment, the business, and ultimately good for your bottom line. In addition to reducing waste, managed print services can optimize your document output to ensure business needs get taken care of, and nothing else.

No more misplacing documents and reprinting them, no more endless scratch paper pile, and no more inexplicably high ink cartridge and toner costs.