We provide channels, resources, and capabilities needed to realize your brand vision.

Versatech provides marketing research, logistics, training, stock management and more to ensure your business operates at its best. We streamline our services so that vendors and resellers can get products to consumers quickly, efficiently, and with minimal hassle.

What’s the difference between a vendor and a reseller?

Versatech is a distributor that provides services to global brands (vendor) and local resellers.

Global brands partner with local distributors in order to leverage the distributor’s reseller channel. This allows the brand to access the market and scale their sales in that area without having to invest in infrastructure such as marketing offices, sales teams, warehouses, credit facilities, and the like.

Local resellers partner with distributors to get access to the brands. They need the distributor to gain the ‘rights’ to (re)sell merchandise to the end customers. Resellers also often benefit from distributor support in marketing, training, warehousing, and other logistics.