We are the boots on the ground for our vendors. We take care of importation, shipping, and selling on your behalf to ensure your brand has a local market presence.

Here are a few things we do for our vendors.

Channel management involves evaluating both the market and the entire channel to identify high growth opportunities and select appropriate reseller-partners that we would motivate and enable to sell the brand/product.

  • We take care of warehousing and logistics. All you have to think about is creating great products and we will do the rest.
  • We manage credit-risk by paying you in advance while extending flexible payment terms to our resellers to encourage sales.
  • We bulk-break orders into more manageable quantities for resale .
  • We execute your marketing vision and strategy . We know the local market and what they respond to, have the means to host and execute events, and represent your brand in the Philippines.
  • We facilitate product training to ensure the people interfacing with end users are qualified and knowledgeable.
  • We have a reliable network of local resellers that are well positioned in a wide range of vertical markets, which you can leverage to build your brand
  • We provide reverse logistics that acts as first-level customer support (repairs, parts replacements, etc.) for merchandise that is covered under warranty or has manufacturing defects.
  • We support your brand’s quality guarantee and serve your customers accordingly in order to help you safeguard your brand promise.

Consider us your extended sales team and front office in the Philippines. Get in touch today to start a partnership!