It is commonly known that employee engagement leads to increased organisational productivity and business success. Employee engagement is the idea of a holistic approach to the workplace environment that fosters affective commitment of employees to the organisation. Separate studies conducted over thirty years by Gallup consulting reveals that companies that have a highly engaged workforce outperform their peers by over 147% in EPS, yet only 13% of the global workforce are engaged. A review conducted by Deloitte University Press found that it has become increasingly difficult for organizations to attract and retain talent, and that present employee engagement initiatives, such as surveys, have not led to much in terms of actionable solutions.

Modern organisations are beginning to recognize a need to improve its internal communication with their employees due to a close correlation found with heightened employee engagement. However, there are challenges to achieving effective internal communications for employee engagement that organisations must contend with, for instance –

  • Consistency in communication is paramount, but this cannot be achieved when organisations operate in functional silos.
  • Communication between individuals should promote trust, but this is difficult to achieve when people hide behind emails and rely on “digital body language” to form impressions about each other.
  • Managing all channels of communication is a priority so that employees would not have to rely on the grapevine or the rumor-mill for information.

Digital signage technology enables organisations to break down communication silos by communicating an integrated message consistently and beautifully. Here are five ways that digital signage technology can enhance employee engagement:

  1. Digital signage establishes your brand ethos and corporate culture. Represent your brand as a workplace your employees can proudly be part of. With digital signage, you can reinforce company values, and benefits your products and services give to consumers. For millennials that value humanistic careers, you can even set up a corporate social responsibility channel that shows how your organization makes a difference.
  1. Digital signage helps recognize your employees. On a study conducted by Harvard Graduate School of Business, 72% of respondents consider recognition of high-performing employees as significant to their engagement. Digital signage, in turn offers an interactive way to recognize your employees’ merits. From formal awards, to positive comments from peers, to simple birthday greetings, these can all be posted instantly on your company screens.
  1. Digital signage lets you report important company strategies and news. Corporate transparency is a crucial element in keeping employees engaged, according to the study by Deloitte University. Use digital signage to report important news such as company performance, strategies, and wider business goals. The same Harvard report corroborates this, as senior leadership strategies and clearly communicated business goals are given importance by 70% and 69% of employees, respectively.
  1. Digital signage makes for a livelier workplace. Inspiration is also another factor leaders must implement, as Deloitte University recommends. Translate your vision into relatable, personal concepts, such as funny quotes and memes, beautiful photos, and even interesting pieces of trivia. By posting these onto your digital displays, you can boost your organization’s morale, and ultimately contribute to a livelier environment.
  1. Digital signage lets people have conversations face to face from afar. Never have to second guess what people are saying. Video conferencing technology such as Telepresence and Skype provide people with both visual and verbal cues that complete their understanding of the information that is being shared.

Incorporating digital signage technology to your workplace environment can help you communicate a unified message that can capture the hearts and minds of your employees, and isn’t that what employee engagement is all about?

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