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5 IT Resolutions to Improve Performance in the New Year

While infrastructure is largely viewed as a necessary cost, modern technology including different infrastructure, automation, and other tooling make it easier than ever to reduce IT budgets, optimize how and where IT professionals work, and how resources are used. 

Why Offering Flex Work Benefits Employees and Organizations Over the Holidays

Many organizations simply can’t afford to simply stop work for 2-3 weeks out of the year, but flex work, where employees can simply choose to work from home on most days, is often a happy middle ground. 

6 Questions to Ask Before Selecting Your Perfect Auditorium Speakers

PA Systems come in all shapes and sizes, meaning that choosing one for an auditorium or hall can be a challenge. While your installer can likely guide you through the basics of what you need and will certainly be able to select something suitable for your space, it’s also a good idea for you to […]

How to Put Together a Demo Room that Will Amaze Your Clients

Most organizations eventually have to showcase and demonstrate new ideas to clients. Whether these are simple request for proposal answers, long-form proposals, or full art showcases, the demo room is where you first connect with the client and where you deliver work. Creating a quality room will impact how your clients perceive your organization and […]

5 Keys of B2B Marketing

Marketing to businesses is massively different from consumer marketing. Individuals making purchase decisions for the organizations they represent must often put more thought, care, and rationalization into any purchase or investment, necessitating a marketing process intrinsically different from selling to that same consumer for their own needs. The B2B decision-maker is rational, budget-conscious, and value-conscious, […]

Top Reasons to Provide Employees with Laptops

Bring-Your-Own-Device policies seem like the best of both worlds for many corporations. Employees have the freedom to work how they choose, and you don’t have to invest in purchasing or upkeep for new computers. Unfortunately, this often isn’t the case, with BYOD policies contributing to reduced productivity, security risks, and increased complexity for regulation. As […]