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Key differences between commercial vs. consumer TVs and how to choose

There are many differences between consumer and commercial televisions. From the key differences highlighted in this article, it is evident that if you are looking to purchase a television for a business application, a commercial television will be most beneficial. With different models designed for different uses, you will be able to find the perfect solution for your business.

What Do You Need to Digitally Transform an Organization?

Digital transformation is about adopting digital technology as part of business process and structure. In short, it’s a remediation for businesses that have failed to evolve with technology because it means adopting that technology now that it’s mature. The following steps will help your organization to successfully navigate this step. 

5 Ways to Reduce Network Costs for Business

It’s important to run a cost and needs analysis on any network solution before implementing it. However, most organizations can greatly benefit from simplifying networks, restructuring vendor contracts to simplify them, reviewing cost sources, and reducing total manual work for network maintenance.

Conference Room Setup Options

Conference rooms are crucial to many types of organizations. Choosing a layout that meets needs, offers a quality experience, and facilitates the purpose of the meeting will add value and will help employees and guests to be more productive and communicative.

5 SaaS Team Communication Trends to Follow

Today’s SaaS trends are moving towards automation, integrated workflows, and communication tools that implement into tooling, so that teams can communicate as part of work, rather than separately from it.

6 Enterprise Network Trends to Consider in 2020

Enterprise networking is rapidly changing, expanding, and shifting outside of organizations and into the cloud. New network trends reflect new technologies, changing security needs, and increasing opportunities for organizations to benefit from rather than simply utilize and maintain networks, leveraging cloud, machine learning, and smarter more-secure tools.