What we do

We are Versatech International. A full-service information and communication technology distribution company with expertise in professional audio/video services, unified communication, and collaboration solutions. Our company specializes in the supply and delivery of comprehensive services across a wide range of business products that meet the needs of modern enterprises. We are passionate about helping global technology brands realize business success in the Philippines.

ICT Distributor

As their business partner, we enable our customers align their global vision to the local market and create the means to connect their brand promise with technology buyers.

Our understanding of local markets, our partnerships with technology purveyors, and the investments we have made toward our digital ecosystem guarantee our customers experience sustained growth in their business.

Why Choose Us

Versatech International is an ICT distribution company built on partnership, service, learning, and trust. We provide a quick, strategic, and effective route for product distribution across the Philippine market.

At Versatech, we believe satisfying the technological needs of enterprises does not have to be difficult. We understand that relationships are at the core of each purchase decision, so we invest meaningfully into our network of business partners, are meticulous with our product selection, cultivate a deep understanding of the market, and we deliver on all these promises made.

As their business partner, we enable our customers to align their global vision to the local market and create the means to connect their brand promise with technology buyers.

Our focus on enterprise-unified communication and collaboration technology has inspired our company to bring together premier brands that design the best-in-class solutions for professional audio, video, voice, control, signal, and content management. As a company, we encourage each other to learn and improve constantly. As a partner, we empower your business to scale and propel you toward success.

How We Help Businesses

Audiovisual and Conferencing

Digital signage solutions and commercial TV displays have the power to impact your customers and help them connect with your business or influence sales. Versatech International has a wide array of advanced AV systems and collaboration tools that ease your pro-business meetings, presentations, and communications.

Control and Signal Management

Enterprise network infrastructure has a direct impact on your business’ ability to connect with people and other technology. Versatech International can optimize your network with pro-signal management and AV over IP solutions to create a fully connected environment that permits secure information flow across your channels.

Seamless Printing Solutions

Deploy the latest print systems from premier brands that boost production output, showcase your creative designs with pigmented inks, streamline prints with better cost-efficiency, and saves overall operational time.

Peripheral and Storage Expansions

Instantly upgrade the memory or expand the capacity of your data, back up your PC or laptop files with secured digital storage solutions, or accessorize with the best compatible peripherals to boost your work productivity.

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