Retail trends in the Philippines all business owners should watch out for

As shopping habits and expectations of consumers evolve, the retail industry is changing also. To keep up with customer expectations, new technologies are growing rapidly and being pumped into retail. Whether it is new innovative tech or a change in consumer perception, there are some important new trends in retail that businesses in the Philippines […]

Game-changing technology in the Philippines

The Philippines is currently poised to see some of the greatest advancements in technology made to date. 2018 has provided some incredible strides towards the Philippines becoming a world leader in technological developments, and businesses should be getting ready to take advantage. After studying the significant leaps made in the Philippine digital ecosystem so far, […]

The Top 4 Technology Events In The Philippines

Although the Philippines is yet to be known as a big tech player, businesses can still take advantage of IT events to propel the industry forward. Nowadays, the concept of innovation has become one of business’ most important truisms. Each day, new products, methods, and ideas change the way we look at problems, creating unique […]