Selecting a business supplier is critical to ensuring the quality of any commercial renovation. Your ICT solutions-based distribution company will affect what you can offer customers, the speed at which you deliver, and ultimately, whether you can deliver at all. At Versatech, we know our services are critical to those of our client, which is why we heavily invest in offering value at every step.

Versatech is a full partner for your commercial renovation projects, offering technical capability, hardware to meet every budget, and a nationwide network of retailers across the Philippines to ensure we can deliver in a timely fashion. The following 5 reasons highlight some of what we offer to clients looking for a commercial renovation supplier.


Versatech operates a large network of suppliers across the Philippines. That means we can seamlessly deliver to small or large projects with no delays or additional wait time for large orders. Versatech is a modern supplier, focused on delivering seamlessly, and that’s reflected in service for projects ranging from a few printers to enterprise-scale renovations. We stock large-scale, and our network of suppliers means we can quickly leverage supply to meet any volume demand.

  • No delays for large projects, full support and prioritization for small ones
  • We deliver a team, design, and specs to meet individual client needs.
  • Scalable delivery designed around project timelines to ensure seamless installation

Our team can help you plan projects in advance, and then work with designers and renovators to ensure new hardware, cabling, and connectors are delivered and installed on time, and at a pace that meets the needs of the project.

Project Scope

Versatech is a full commercial renovations partner. Our team is ready to work with you and with the customer to tailor solutions based on budget, capabilities needs, and space. Simply delivering hardware isn’t enough. Instead, we help consultants and contractors choose solutions that truly solve problems, improve capabilities, and meet or exceed the needs of the end-customer, because that’s where we place our value.

What does that entail? When clients come to us, we offer a consultation to determine the scope and budget for the project, and then work to deliver the best-quality and best-fit hardware and technical solutions within that scope and budget. This means matching brand, hardware specs, and hardware capabilities to teams and designing a real solution to meet budgeting requirements.

Customized Project Delivery

It’s crucial that any project you deliver be sized to meet the technical specifications and requirements of the space. Our technical design team can help you to meet those needs with a full assessment of each area to provide recommendations for needed hardware including screens, speakers, connectors, supports, etc.

This can include but is not limited to:

  • Sizing displays to meet room and audience needs
  • Choosing specs such as display brightness to meet environmental needs
  • Selecting hardware based on exposure to public (screen type, display type, security)
  • Choosing cabling to optimize networks and reduce bottlenecks or other issues
  • Ensuring power supply meets or exceeds demands in every room
  • Sizing audio equipment such as speakers for audience, room, and direction
  • Ensuring accessibility across devices, including network devices

Technical considerations can make or break any project involving hardware. It’s critical that calculations be made by a team that is familiar with requirements and with the hardware they’re installing, which is why our technical design team is available for every project.

Nationwide Service

Versatech is established across the Philippines through our network of suppliers. Our retail and supply reach mean we can seamlessly deliver hardware at quantity needed by leveraging multiple suppliers, meet fast-delivery requirements nearly anywhere in the country, and seamlessly deliver to multi-branch renovation projects. Your services extend across the Philippines and so do ours.

Relevant Experience

With 8+ years of relevant experience in delivering modern technology solutions, Versatech is able to assist with providing the best in technologies ranging from computer systems, peripherals, accessories, network and security, communications, print, multimedia, power management, cooling systems, server, and storage solutions.

Our modern approach means we offer cloud and managed services alongside high-quality hardware sized for your organization. Plus, we bring relevant knowledge to ensure building projects go according to plan, with full knowledge of building codes and regulations like Rule XIII and ancillary building permit requirements for telecommunications, electronics, information technology, and more.

Modern ICT distribution is about more than hardware and connectors, it’s about quality, distribution-as-a-service, and consistently adding value. At Versatech, we know you can source hardware anywhere, you’re not looking for a retailer. That’s why we fully partner with you to provide everything you need to create a solution for the client, install it, and in some cases, offer ongoing management-as-a-service.

If you’re looking for an ICT distributor, it’s crucial that you be able to partner with them to work together for the end-client. At Versatech, that’s how we operate. Contact us today to learn more or for a project consultation.