Our team has rounded up some of the most commonly asked questions to our sales team. If you have anything else you’d like to know, just contact us and we’ll get you the answers you’re looking for.

What is Versatech?

Versatech is an ICT solutions provider, which means if technology can solve a problem or help make your business more efficient, we can set you up. We partner with global brands to bring business hardware and software to the Philippines, which means we can equip your home or business with everything from wireless infrastructure to video conferencing.

In to providing these solutions, we also handle business and logistics on your behalf. For example, most large brands sell their goods internationally in large bulks. The average business, or purchaser, can’t afford to buy 1,000 laptops, so we break up this order and make the products more accessible to the local market. If you want 500 laptops but can’t afford them until your business starts seeing returns, we also provide financing and payment options, because we always want our partners to succeed.

Can you match competitor pricing?

One of the most common questions we get from our clients is whether we can match pricing. Versatech makes sure our prices are always competitive in the market. Be cautious of extremely low prices in the ICT industry, as it may mean that the quality isn’t as good, and products may not come with a warranty.

We ensure quality and provide after-sales support, plus you and your clients have the peace-of-mind knowing that all the products we stock are original and come with a full-service warranty.

What is the estimated time of arrival of ordered merchandise?

Delivery lead-time varies per product brand. Items that are readily available with our partners can be shipped in-country within 7-10 working days. Configure to order (CTO) products, or those which are manufactured after we issue a purchase order, may take anywhere between 30 to 60 working days. External factors may also affect delivery time, such as holidays at the country of origin or local customs downtime. Despite these hurders, we make every effort to have your orders expedited and delivered to you within a reasonable time frame.

Do you offer installations?

Yes. Versatech supports our customers even after closing a sale, and we invest in a pool of technical engineers to assist our partner resellers in system installations. In addition to this service, we also aim to equip our resellers with training and certifications to be able to handle installations as well.

What are the terms of payment for the reseller?

New resellers applying for accreditation with Versatech need to submit certain financial documents for validation, and go through a credit checking process. In the meantime, while is being reviewed, reseller applicants may submit orders via cash-on-delivery.

What are your terms for big projects?

Management may consider extending special terms for big projects. This varies per project, based on requirements and scope.

Do you support integrations?

Yes, our technical engineers are always ready to help with system integrations. We also aim to train and certify our resellers to offer the same service.

Why does pricing (and supporting docs) for tenders take so long?

Tender pricing takes longer to process because everything is extensively analyzed to ensure a competitive edge. We also aim for confidentiality, so competitors don’t get any advance information.