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Worldwide professional audio-visual mounts and supports with strength, durability, and custom design service that elevate spaces.

B-Tech AV Mounts is an industry leader in professional AV mounting solutions, recognized worldwide for their reliability, robustness, ease of installation, and design aesthetics.

B-Tech AV Mounts

B-Tech’s expansive range of mounting solutions and supports are crafted with a practical design and user-friendly installation that meets stringent TUV and UL safety standards every time. Rest assured, all B-Tech products also come with a no-quibble 10-year lifetime guarantee against defects and workmanship that protect your small to large format displays, projectors, speakers, interactive touchscreens, UC equipment, multi-screen video walls, digital signage, and more.

Found worldwide from prestigious hotels and shopping malls to government facilities, airports, and more, you can take advantage of B-Tech’s global products on mounting kits and components that help elevate your space and protect your audiovisual equipment through their wall mounts, ceiling mounts, video wall mounts, desk mounts, UC&C mounts, projector mounts, mobile trolleys, and bolt-down floor stands.

B-Tech can provide thousands of possible solutions combined with modular components systems and custom design services that suit a range of price points. They manufacture products on a global scale that are technically well-designed by their in-house engineering team to ensure the highest quality and innovation is achieved.

Multi-screen and Digital Signage Mounts

System X Menu board mounts for walls and ceilings
System X video wall mounts for walls and ceilings
System X Videowall floor stands for freestanding, mobile, and bolt-down
System X Curved Videowall stands for freestanding, mobile, and bolt-down
Wall/Ceiling dvLED Mounts for wall, ceiling, floor-to-ceiling, freestanding, mobile, and bolt-down
Full-service mounts with micro-adjustments for walls
AV storage wall mounts for walls
Digital signage support for walls, freestanding, bolt-down, and ceiling

Floor Stands and Trolleys

Trolleys for mobile and floor-to-wall
Floor stands for freestanding
Mode-AL floor stands for floor-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, bolt-down, freestanding, and bolt-down
Twin screen video conferencing support for floor-to-wall, bolt-down, freestanding, mobile, and walls

Flat Screen Wall Mounts

Small flat screen mounts for fixed, tilt, tilt and swivel, single-arm, and double-arm support
Medical mounts for walls and ceilings
Medium flat screen mounts for fixed, tilt, and double-arm support
VESA adaptors for fixed support
Large flat screen mounts for fixed, tilt, and double-arm support
X-Large flat screen mounts for fixed, tilt, and double-arm
XX-Large flat screen mounts for fixed, tilt, double-arm, and pop-out

Additional Mounting Solutions

Ceiling mounts
Security mounts
Projector mounts
Desk mounts for freestanding, bolt-down, and clamp and grommet support
Speaker mounts for walls, soundbar, and freestanding

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