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Bring your ideas to life with smart technology and immersive story-telling to complete or enhance your AV experience

Christie is a global pioneer in advanced visual projection that creates brilliant display experiences with innovative light technology and end-to-end AV solutions.

Christie is a well-renowned brand in the professional audio-visual industry that has pioneered the innovation of light technology for best-in-class visual projections. From Hollywood to classroom uses, their remarkable AV products continue to captivate audiences and illuminate the way we share experiences and tell stories through visuals and light.

Backed by a comprehensive team of experts, Christie is globally one of the most trusted service providers for global visual design, deployment, and partner support. From houses of worship to mission-critical command centers, their expansive range of AV display projectors and image processors that bring your ideas to life and tailor key audio-visual experiences for corporate solutions, live events, projection mapping, video walls, control rooms, and dome solutions.

To help you deliver audiences the best visual experiences and deployment, Christie also offers their professional repair and RMA service support with a generous product warranty through the support of their skilled engineers, technicians, and customer service.


3 Color LCD Systems – 3LCD Projectors

Christie 3LCD projectors are equipped with 3 liquid panels, a lap, filters, and a prism to display video and images with rich color production on any flat surface. They are most suitable for professional presentations, seminars, and meetings.

Digital Light Processing Systems – DLP Projectors

Christie DLP projectors use a digital light processing chip that allows light beams to pass a color wheel, reflection mirrors, and a lens to project images and videos on a surface. Commonly lightweight in design, they are most used for portable purposes.

LED Projectors

Christie LED projectors easily mountable and use LED light projections to cast high-quality resolution of images and video. They are commonly used to connect with devices like mobiles and laptops.

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