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Participate in intelligent meeting experiences where video technology meets our world-leading audio technology.

Jabra is a world-leader in audio equipment and videoconference systems dedicated in enhancing meeting experiences where communication feels a whole lot more human when using video technology.


Jabra’s full suite of office and meeting room solutions bring out an selection of advanced technology driven by on-board AI that take video experiences to the next level. Whether it’s to design better hybrid work experiences, update your traditional meeting room into a high-impact space, or simply enhance a personal video call, ¬†Jabra’s got a professional headset, video conferencing system, or personal camera that will meet your demands.

Perfect for board rooms, conferencing halls, and call centers, Jabra’s video conferencing solutions are engineered to create more engaging and immersive spaces that bring the human touch to virtual meetings with proprietary algorithms to intuitively follow your meeting, real-time frame focus on active speakers, and through devices that use high-power Edge-AI processing chips.

For a seamless workday, Jabra has plenty of tailored services. You can protect your product investment with extended device warranty of up to 5 years through the Jabra Warranty+ service and get support plans developed to manage your hybrid team’s needs wherever you are using the Jabra Care service.

Professional Headsets

Get into the right headspace for virtual meetings or listen to brainstorms with more clarity using headsets fit for all shapes and sizes using the Evolve2 series that empower meetings.

Video Conferencing Cameras

Find the perfect video solution to suits your choice of conferencing setup or meeting room size so you can meaningfully collaborate with teams through the room and video bar systems of the PanaCast 50 series while remaining professional in any meeting space.

Personal Video Cameras

Upgrade your personal meeting experiences with simple plug-and-play solutions engineered with intelligent AI-technology so you can instantly participate in meetings from anywhere in the world.

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