Philippines, October 18, 2023 — Sennheiser unveiled their new and first scalable, all-in-one TeamConnect Bar solutions through an exclusive product launch at the 7AV Experience Center with Versatech International and key tech partners.

As Sennheiser enters the world of unified communications A/V bars, they officially introduced the ‘TeamConnect Bar S‘ and ‘TeamConnect Bar M‘ as the newest members of the Sennheiser TeamConnect family — designed to be easily integrated into meeting and collaboration spaces. This event featured a live presentation by John Oh, Sennheiser’s Sales Director – Asia, and a product demo session by Johnathan Fabian, the Business Development Manager of Sennheiser.

These new TC Bar solutions come with a built-in camera, microphones, and speakers, making them perfect for modern meeting needs. They offer brand-agnostic integration, flexibility, security, and various management and control options, making them suitable for tech, enterprise, education, healthcare, and government sectors. It’s worth mentioning that the TC Bar solutions won the Red Dot Award for Product Design in 2023.

Stephen Yu, the President of Versatech International, expressed excitement about the Sennheiser TeamConnect Bar solutions, “We’re thrilled to launch the Sennheiser TeamConnect video bars, revolutionizing conferencing with unparalleled clarity. These groundbreaking device bring the power of professional-grade video conferencing right to your fingertips, bridging gaps in remote collaboration. You can experience crystal-clear visuals and high-definition audio, making virtual meetings as effective as face-to-face interactions. The new Sennheiser TeamConnect video bars can truly ensure every voice is heard, every detail is seen, and every meeting is a success.”

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