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Philippines, January 17, 2024 — Bose Professional, a global leader in audio innovation, proudly unveiled its latest groundbreaking products: the S1 Pro+ and PowerShareX series. The exclusive Synergy product launch by Bose Professional took place at the iconic 12 Monkeys Music Hall and Pub, located in Estancia Mall, featuring cutting-edge audio technology, live demonstrations, and an immersive experience that redefined the standards of professional audio.

‘Synergy’ pushed the boundaries of what is possible in the world of professional audio. This product launch, a collaboration between Bose Professional and Versatech International, showcased the perfect harmony achieved by the S1 Pro+ portable Bluetooth® speaker system and the PowerShareX adaptable four-channel power amplifiers series. Attendees witnessed firsthand the unparalleled performance of these audio solutions, blending cutting-edge technology with Bose Professional’s renowned commitment to exceptional sound quality.

Nittin Dargan, Export Manager – Bose Professional, expressed excitement about the event, “Bose Professionl’s Synergy is not just a product launch; it’s an experience. We are thrilled to share with our audience the culmination of innovation and excellence in the S1 Pro+ and PowerShareX. These products represent the future of professional audio, and we can’t wait for everyone to witness the difference Bose Professional technology can make.”

Hui Ming Tan and Jeremy Wong, global experts from Bose Professional, provided in-depth insights into the comprehensive features and technology advancements behind the S1 Pro+ and PowerShareX. To further enrich the audience experience, a live acoustic demonstration was performed by Camy Music Manila, a soulful and captivating band that displayed the capabilities of Bose Professional’s latest products in a real-world, dynamic setting.

Stephen Yu, President of Versatech International shared, “Taking part in unveiling the launch of the S1 Pro+ and PowerShareX series has brought together an immersive audio experience for everyone and marked a significant milestone in the audio industry. This event saw the brilliant synergy profound impact that audio-visual technology can have on those who seek its benefits. Our vision has always been to transcend boundaries and redefine audio experiences in the Philippines with Bose Professional who are at the forefront of audio innovation. We believe in propelling pro-audiovisual technology beyond its traditional boundaries and into the hands of a wider audience who can be the captive by the future of professional audio.”


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