The human mind is filled with misconceptions and superstitious beliefs. Since the dawn of technology, we’ve been battling with the unknown. Adaptation to innovations is always a hard process.

Nowadays, we’re more than glad to welcome a new type of printer or a comfortable touchscreen notebooks in our offices. But in the old days, companies waited a long time to introduce new technologies to their industries.

We still believe in some of the misconceptions we heard a few years ago. You’ll be amazed at the misguided notions about modern tools. Let’s start with some of the most common misconceptions about technology and set them straight.

Common technology misconceptions

Cameras with more megapixels can take better pictures

Let’s start busting myths with the most common assumption about picture quality: More megapixels means a better camera. Because of this misconception, we end up buying an expensive camera or a phone.

What matters the most is the sharpness of a picture and the lens type. You should try to understand how a camera works instead of following the megapixel Myth.

More bars on your mobile phone means better service

More bars on our mobile phone makes us happy because we think we’re getting better service. You might have your wifi connection on max, but still be getting little or no service at all. That’s because everyone in the office could be using the connection. The bars you see on your phone indicate the signal strength, not the quality of service.

Today, wireless infrastructure is popularized in modern companies. We implement wireless services in every manufacturing process, and the overload of service use can be a problem. Be sure to start the construction of your Wireless infrastructure with most suited services.

Windows is full of viruses and Macs are safe from it

The real reason why Mac is not a victim of frequent hacker attacks is that 80-85% of computer users are occupied with the Windows system. Hackers are more oriented on invading Windows because that’s what the majority of businesses use.

Either way, both systems need to be protected. Especially, when it comes to valuable corporate information that your business might hold. For this, and other security reasons, you should consult with a professional that provides both physical and network security.

Private/Incognito browsing mode keeps your computer activity anonymous

This is a misconception that most people want to believe in. Using incognito mode can be effective when you want to hide your browsing history from a coworker or family member. Don’t believe that incognito mode will hide your steps on the website. Your Internet service provider and the website manager are still able to trace your steps.

3rd party chargers are harmful for your phone

People often spend extra money on buying the original chargers for their phones. Researches have shown that well-made 3rd party chargers are not harmful to your phones. Chargers that come with your newly-bought phone are specially designed for them and charge the phone faster and more efficiently. This doesn’t mean that 3rd party chargers will be harmful. You have to make sure that they are made by licensed and trusted companies.

Leaving your phone plugged in destroys the battery

We grew up knowing that if you leave your phone plugged in it will shorten the life expectancy of your battery. Nowadays, batteries are made with Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer. Although it is advised to unplug your phone when it reaches 100%, there’s no risk of damaging the battery.

Password protected Wi-Fi networks are safe

Setting a password on your Wi-Fi helps you sleep safely, knowing that no one is using our wireless Internet. Yes, password-protected Wi-Fi is a good thing for regular Internet users. But it’s definitely not an impenetrable castle. It’s another myth busted, but still, placing a password on your wireless network is a good idea.

Something deleted from the recycle bin is gone forever

The fact that this is a misconception should be happy news. Deleting a file and then emptying the recycle bin doesn’t mean that you have lost the data you just deleted. The icon may be gone, but the system still keeps data about your program, file, photo, etc. And with the help of numerous amazing applications and programs, you can restore your data.

You should shut down your computer every night

As an office worker, you’d have thought about this thousand times. Is shutting down your computer every single night essential? Shutting down your computer can actually save some electricity. It will also remove all the previous problems you had while working on it by rebooting the computer. Shutting off your computer every now and then is a good idea, but it’s not necessary to turn it off every night.

Airport x-ray machines ruin/erase memory cards

It’s the biggest fear for traveling photographers. A common misconception about X-ray machines at airports is that they will erase everything from your memory cards. This subject has been discussed by the popular flash card manufacturers. While the X-ray machines can be a bad influence on unprocessed film, you can stop putting your memory card in your pocket, in order to avoid erasing the valuable data.

You should buy the warranty on any new gadgets you purchase

While protecting your gadgets from unpredictable risks is a smart decision, buying the warranty is not obligatory, and can sometimes even cause more headaches. The warranty price can sometimes exceed the price of a gadget, and using it can be difficult. Sometimes it takes time to file a report. Shipping needs 8-10 weeks, and there are other rules to consider too.

Next time, when you consider buying a warranty, think about how crucial it is for your protection. Instead, ask the consultant about return policies and free tech support.

Using a cell phone at a gas station pump is a fire risk

The signs at a gas station make it pretty obvious – don’t use your phones while filling up the tanks. The only risk you’re taking when filling the tank while talking on the phone is that you’re distracting yourself. There have been no recorded facts about a phone causing a fire at a gas station. Instead of completely neglecting your phone, just be careful with yourself and your actions.

Cell phones cause cancer

Since it’s a well-known fact that cell phones exude electromagnetic radiation, people believe that they cause cancer. The only discomfort that this radiation can cause is a little extra heat. Parents are still concerned about the undeveloped child brain. Studies show that cell phones are no risk at all, but the rise in cancer statistics have seemed to scare the phone users.

These are the most commonly met misconceptions about technologies. Some still need more research and awareness. These are the first steps for you to get educated on the subject of the technological misleading information. Be smart to trust the professionals when choosing the right services for your business’s technological development.