Although the Philippines is yet to be known as a big tech player, businesses can still take advantage of IT events to propel the industry forward.

Nowadays, the concept of innovation has become one of business’ most important truisms. Each day, new products, methods, and ideas change the way we look at problems, creating unique solutions, and producing an endless stream of value.

In a Deloitte Innovation Survey, 66% of business respondents state that innovation is important to their growth, scaling up, managing more customers, and grabbing a bigger share of the market.

Yet this need not be limited to the tech products one buys in-store. Effective linkages (such as conducive business environments and government policies) also play a key role in fostering innovation.

According to the Innovation Policy Platform, a digital initiative by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the World Bank, effective linkages play a role in allowing organizations to tap into a larger base of ideas and technology, find complementary expertise, and pool competencies in order to overcome various logistical barriers.

Even better, new ideas emerge out of the cross-pollination of existing knowledge from various sources. This is particularly timely, as innovation today relies more and more on the integration of different technologies with the expertise of human capital.

Players in the tech industry can connect and form these valuable relationshisps at tech expos, conferences, launches, and other events. Beyond being glitzy publicity stunts, these events allow for a meaningful exchange of ideas, giving way to stronger connections between skilled professionals, and potentially game-changing collaborations as a result.

Indeed, while the Philippines has plenty of catching up to do with its more technologically advanced neighbors, this also means that initiatives such as tech-related events have the opportunity to capitalize on the country’s promising potential, in turn, helping propel its I.T industry further.

Get to know which tech events have recently caught the local I.T industry’s attention below.


An initiative by the Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA), brings together the best minds from the Philippines and abroad to discuss the progress of the local I.T sector, key trends in the marketplace, opportunities and challenges that face industry players, and how technology drives today’s businesses. It also consists of technical learning sessions, inviting leading software experts and practitioners to provide the latest insights in the field of software development.

2. Techtonic Summit

Launched in 2017, the Techtonic Summit unites startups, corporations, investors, and a variety of other professionals from other fields in the hopes of generating innovative ideas. Its 2018 theme is titled “Disrupting Southeast Asia”, culminating in a 2-day event held last June 22 to 23. The event was promoted as a forum that brings together regional expertise, in the context of Southeast Asia’s growth as an epicenter of innovation.

3. Internet of Things (IOT) Summit

With its latest event held last August 17 and 18, the Internet of Things (IOT) Philippine Summit is already three years in the running, continuing to highlight the digital transformation taking place across the local industry. From Artificial Intelligence, to Machine Learning, Industrial IOT, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Data Privacy, to Security, the event allows attendees to learn from pioneering leaders in the field, while also tackling the latest trends in the world of IOT.

4. Consumer Electronics and Information Technology Expo (CEITEX)

From November 4 to 8, the first-ever Consumer Electronics and Information Technology Expo (CEITEX) will be held – in response to the growing demand for consumer electronics products and services in the Philippines. According to its organizers, it is a “pioneering ground place for showcase of innovations and breakthrough technologies”, envisioned eventually as a “platform for the international business exchange between Asia and the rest of the world where business leaders and pioneering products meet.”

With participants that include corporate players from all over Asia and the West, CEITEX will consist of a wide range of activities – including product showcases, breakthrough product presentations, professional competitions, among others.

The IT sector of the Philippines is poised for growth, and plays a critical role in boosting the country’s rapidly emerging economy. Initiatives such as technology conferences, expos, and other similar events can help bolster this further, providing opportunities for local professionals to tap into global trends, while at the same time equipping them with the knowledge to improve the situation at home.