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We integrate seamless, reliable, and powerful technology into your business.

What we do

Versatech International is a B2B ICT solutions provider, IT hardware and software distributor, and an expert in business technology.

We partner with innovative, trusted global brands to execute seamless technology infrastructure. Versatech’s services range from digitization strategy to logistics planning, so you can streamline your processes and get products to clients faster.

Our Product Lines

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Audio Visual

Digital signage solutions and commercial displays have the power to impact your customers and help them connect with your business. Versatech International has a wide array of advanced audiovisual systems from the world’s most innovative brands.


Printing for business is more than just ink on paper. Streamlined, secure, and cost-efficient printing can save your business time, effort, and money. Versatech International can deploy the latest print systems from premier brands such as HP, Canon, and Epson.


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Signal Management

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Dealing with Versatech team as one of our suppliers is a great experience. There has never been a point that they are less attentive to customers’ needs. They always listen to customers and very considerate. Versatech is a supplier that is always there for their customers, and worth keeping.
Elvi G. Suficiencia, Business Lead — Gaisano Interpace
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John Doe, Company Inc
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Jane Smith, Company Inc

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