7 Audio-Visual Technology Trends to Stay Ahead of the Curve [Infographic]

Your competitors are using technology to increase their sales, equip their team, and gain an industry advantage. Take a look at these audio-visual technology trends to see how they can be applied to your own business success.

  1. Lamp-less projectors: These use LED lights, reducing waste by lasting longer than their typical projector lamp counterparts. They’re also much more energy efficient, which is good news for your electric bills and the environment.
  2. Video screens: Thinner frames create better engagement and a better experience. Technology manufacturers are also increasingly moving towards bezel-less displays, which provide sleek and seamless viewing.
  3. Presenter tracking: Technology is making video conferencing more accurate by focusing on movement and only featuring one speaker at a time.
  4. 4K UHD video: The standard HDTV clarity isn’t good enough anymore. 4K video has a data rate of 4x what you’re used to.
  5. Augmented and virtual reality: Advances in virtual reality can revolutionize how companies train employees, do walk-through tutorials for their clients, and more. It’s changing the landscape for education.
  6. Wireless everything: We’re used to wireless Internet, but audio speakers, lighting, and even air conditioners can be controlled remotely. This stands to make entire office buildings more efficient and convenient.
  7. Interactive panel displays: You and your shareholders will be able to write and move objects on a screen using a finger, which is has the potential to increase UX and virtual communications.

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