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Expand today’s horizon with business communication through IT-optimized workflows and digital technology.

A great opportunity to access more corporate and higher education solutions that help take the next step into having a digitalized surrounding.

Sennheiser serves a strong product line of touchless audio, digital wireless technology, and traditional AV solutions that offer the freedom and flexibility to design your own digital ecosystem without restrictions.

Receive optimal solutions for every type of communication occasion – from important lectures and presentations to touchless audio meetings with 100% freedom to unlimited, barrier-free information transfer so users can experience improved presentations and lectures or meetings and conferences to create an environment where everyone feels equally included.

Leading globally to shape the world with professional audio technology, Sennheiser aims to innovate unique sound experiences for customers on stage, in meeting rooms, in lecture halls, and in the studio to attract audio enthusiasts at heart or to create emotional impact through technical innovation.

One of Sennheiser’s focus is to offer optimal business communication solutions for corporates and make learning a sound experience for higher education from important lectures and presentations, touchless audio meetings with 100% freedom to unlimited, and barrier-free information transfer using their professional audio technology such as microphones, conference systems, headsets, or for audio streaming.

Ceiling Microphones and Intelligent Speaker

Configure industry-leading ceiling microphones with a surface mount, suspension kit, or flush mount in large meetings, lecture halls, and collaboration spaces to be heard clearly by audiences. Also, experience cutting-edge wireless audio technology through the TeamConnect intelligent speaker.

Wireless Microphone Sets

Get a complete end-to-end wireless audio solution consisting of a lavalier microphone or wireless head mic with a bodypack transmitter, rackmount receiver, and handheld transmitter set using the Evolution Wireless G4 series.

Wired Boundary Microphones with Accessories

Conveniently participate in meetings with wired boundary microphones perfect for tables or ceiling installations. Choose from installed omnidirectional or cardioid polar pattern flush boundary mics, on-table boundary programmable mics, and gooseneck boundary mic variations with additional floor stand or suspension accessories.

Mobile Microphone App and Accessories

Enable your mobile device to become a trusted portable microphone with the innovative MobileConnect App featuring mic talk-back technology. Extend your coverage and accessibility to receive and transmit up to two audio channels with their MobileConnect Station system.

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