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Unlock the power of human connection and stay connected with your audience through simple, state-of-the-art AV technology.

Xilica is a globally-desired brand for professional audio-visual solutions that simplify and amplify AV setups that keep you connected in corporate rooms, hospitality areas, and more.

Xilica strives to unify people at a scale with simple technological setups using their professional AV and unified communication solutions. They seek to drive more authentic communication experiences for people that streamline business processes and enhance hybrid work for enterprises, education fields, the government, and beyond.

Bring people together even in busy spaces using Xilica’s simple AV setups and effectively scale your IT infrastructure to improve collaborations for in-room and remote participants.

Reimagine collaboration spaces with Xilica audio-visual solutions and networked AV systems that create flexible business environments designed to centralize control management, routing, and processing. Everyone gains the ability to deploy great room setups built for unified communications and conferencing that drive authentic interactions using their technology to create sustainable societies.

Conferencing & Collaboration Room Kits

Audio-enable meeting rooms across medium to large spaces using plug-and-play room kits with end-to-end CatX cable solutions for great sound and collaboration systems.


Optimize and control multiple rooms that run full AVC systems with fewer components for network infrastructure that can route audio and control across a facility through Ethernet-to-Ethernet AV systems without proprietary cables and connectors using the Solaro Series.

Network Endpoints

Centralize your processing stack, ease hybrid work with BYOM devices, and extend your networked AV from end-to-end with BYOD devices to get superior user experiences with UC platforms using the Gio Series.


Enjoy great audio with CatX cable speakers designed for modern collaboration spaces with optimized intelligent speech coverage and integrated network switch with PoE using the Sonia Series.

User Interfaces and Accessories

Control audio settings using the Lucia networked wall remote for public spaces and multi-purpose rooms or manage your audio, video, and room infrastructure using custom graphics from the XTouch network-based touch control.

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